Can You Run Your AC 24/7?

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If you live in certain parts of the south, you can expect it to be flaming hot for a good portion of the year. Trust me, I’m from Texas. We reached the 90’s in may, I became very confused when I moved to New York in May because it was in the 60’s. I did not pack properly. We usually ran our AC 24 hours of the day in the summer. It’s pretty much necessary and one of the expenses you have to live with. Yes, you can run your AC 24 hours of the day; however, that is definitely reflected on the electric bill.

Will Damage Be Done To My AC?

This is very unlikely if you have central air; however, even those machines can damage from wear and tear over time. It’s just a lot less likely it will occur often. If you have an air conditioner that is not central, it is more likely to break down. Typically, air conditioners that are not central are in the North or less hot climates. This makes them a little less likely to break down because they are not in areas that require them to be used as often.

Can I Afford To Run The AC?

It can be expensive to run an AC. If your budget is a fragile one, consider using it for the minimum amount you need. It’s wise to use just the right temperature to keep your house comfortable, but not cool, if money is a major issue.

Can They Do Heat And Cool?

Almost all central air conditioners provide both heat and cooling. Heat is actually less expensive than cool because it requires less energy and is often not needed as frequently in places were central air is required. If you have a furnace that is separate from your air conditioning unit, you may need to run it less which will lesson the cost and also make it less likely that your air conditioner will break down as it is not used as frequently.

Is It Worth It To Buy A More Expensive Model?

If you do not have central air, it is a good idea to buy a higher quality model over one that is less expensive. It tends to save people money in the long run because if it is used frequently it is less likely to break down; however, this should only be done if you can afford a larger one.

Air Conditioners Are Important!

While they are expensive machines to have, people with AC have a higher level of happiness and productivity because they are more comfortable. Those who lack an AC tend to have a lower quality of life which lessons ambition. I understand having a tight budget. It’s sad, but sometimes comfort has to be sacrificed when it comes to money. Fans can be a good alternative.

It’s Your Choice

While your machine is unlikely to break down from continuous use, it’s still important to consider the negatives. Air conditioners take a lot of money to run and sometimes repair.

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